Wypowiedź Profesora Churcha

Wypowiedź profesora Churcha po naszym spektaklu - "Dobry wieczór Monsieur Chopin" w Miami, na Florida International University, 10 listopada, 2016 r.

"What a wonderful performance last night and how beautiful that all that you reflected upon in your work was mirrored by the astonishing virtuosity of Kemal Gekic. That was a unique evening of theatre to be cherished forever. I just wish Gregory and Mary Anne Wolf had been there to enjoy it with us.

Thank you for sharing your passion for Poland and its culture with our students. I cannot tell you how important that national pride is to young people who are currently so confused at what the adults are doing. Your confidence and love of country has inspired many of these young students and we hope you will continue to inspire the world with the illumination of your work as dedicated actors".

Phillip Church - Professor FIU Theatre Department